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Take a tour of Guishan | Feel the summer of Guishan Island with sound

2023-06-27 18:00:00

Island summer

Is the most beautiful season of the year

The sea became dazzling and the vegetation blossomed

The long beach is full of the laughter of people splashing in the water

Guishan Island off the coast of South China Sea

Summer life is just as exciting

This issue will use sound to take you into the summer of Guishan Island

Let's experience the day and night of the island!


Sea breeze blowing gently, beautiful dream


The ship has come into port!

The wonderful Guishan trip is about to begin

Set foot on the land of Guishan Island

The blue sea was as far as the eye could see

The sea breeze is blowing gently

It's a pleasant, pleasant smell

Take a tour of the Guishan Warship Memorial Park

Listen to the waves crashing on the rocks

This soothing white noise

Enough to calm the restless heart

If you're not in a hurry

Take the roundabout road

Watch the birds soar between the sea and the sky

Surround yourself with mountains and seas

Feel the healing power of nature

Long line around the island

There's a place for it everywhere

None of the congestion of the city

How can I shape it

In fine weather

A quick shot is a beautiful scene


The liveliest place on the island

Always the beach

Come to one Bay beach to enjoy the summer

So happy, so comfortable!

Swing, play football, play games...

Stepping on soft sand

It's always a great way to let go of all the stress

Be a kid again

The newly opened Dolphin Bay Beach on Guishan Island

It's also worth a special trip

Newer, bigger, more beautiful

There are also clear bars and water sports centers

Meet different entertainment needs


Leisure and romance

Every corner of the island

How can we have less summer

Watermelon, ice cream and cold drinks

In Guishan Island, if wandering tired

I find a coffee shop to take a nap

Have a glass of chilled American or juice sparkling water

Bounce back in an instant

2127 Coffee

The first floor is a coffee shop and the second floor is a homestay

It's not just a place to fade from the day

And fulfill you

The desire to drink coffee facing the sea

As a landmark building of Guishan Island

The No. 1 lighthouse stands in front of the pier

To usher in, itself has become a landscape

Little fresh island elements

It's hard not to snap a picture and punch in

Long dike

Makes for a great view of the sunset on the island

When the sun shines on the sea

Sunset, lighthouse, windmill, orange sea

It makes for a beautiful summer scene

With the sunset

Then there's the seaside night market on Guishan Island

The summer night wind blew gently

Mixed with the sizzle of the barbecue

The sound of people talking and soothing music

Even when all the lights are on

The island's nightlife is also slow

You don't have to rush to do anything, okay

Just enjoy the moment

Good food, bright stars

And cheerful mood

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