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Shining coordinates awaken red memories! Welcome to make an appointment to visit and explore the new experience of Red Cultural Travel!

2023-11-21 14:26:34

Travel is a silent lesson

Except to see all the magnificent rivers and mountains

Learn about local culture

Indulge in the story of history

It's the wonder of the journey


The red scenic spot of Guishan Island

They all cherish a period of great success

It is now a red tourist destination

You are invited to use it today

【 Red Education route 】 Online reservation function

Learn about Guishan red culture and landmark stories

Embark on a historical journey through time!



Reservation guide


Mode one


1, pay attention to [Guishan Island Scenic Area Tourism] public number

2, click the lower right corner of the menu bar [Guishan Service], click [booking red tour route]


3. Fill in the information required in the visit reservation page and submit it (GUI Xiaobai tips: No reservation can be made on the day, and only the date of the last 15 days can be reserved)


4, after the appointment is completed, the system will automatically send a "successful appointment" message, remember to visit on time




Mode two


Long press the QR code below and scan to enter the reservation interface




Matters needing attention


1. If you have any visit reservation questions, you can contact customer service during working hours: 0756-2627999; Non-working hours, please contact: 15992697045;

2. Working hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00-12:00; 14:00-18:00.



Suggested route


Zhuhai red education route Wanshan line

Covering the site of the Wanshan naval Battle and the cemetery of the martyrs of the Guishan warship

And three views of Wen Tianxiang Square

It is one of the important routes to inherit the red gene

Follow the camera now

Retrace the red route together

Feel the temperature and detail of history


The first stop is the site of the Battle of Wanshan


Duration: 60 minutes

Main content: Through visiting the naval battle site, cliff stone carvings, martyrs monument, to understand the heroic battle of Wanshan. By presenting flowers, bowing in silence and other ways to express respect and memory of revolutionary martyrs, the PLA carries forward the glorious tradition of bravery and good fighting.



Along the way, you can enjoy the sea view corridor, where cultural values and scenery coexist, and the rocks and the choppy sea in front of you, as if you are in history.

Mountains and rivers read heroes and souls, the annals of history. [Wanshan Naval Battle Site] was selected as one of the "Guangdong Party History Education Bases" by the Party History Research Office of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, and named as "Guangdong Patriotic Education Base" by the Publicity Department of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China.


Listening to that period of history up close, echoing between the mountains and the sea, is the generous and tragic song of the heroic people. Stop to look back in order to forge ahead, looking back to where we came from, we can understand where we came from.


The second stop is Wen Tianxiang Square


Duration: 60 minutes

Main contents: Through visiting Wen Tianxiang's statues and murals, we can understand Wen Tianxiang's life story and learn his patriotism.


Wen Tianxiang Square stands a statue of Wen Tianxiang standing tall, holding a sword in his hand and flowing in his robe, gazing down at the vast Ling Ding ocean. The forest of steles, cliff stone carvings, and large-scale murals on both sides tell the life story of Wen Tianxiang, a national hero.


Review the old words, "over the Ding Yang", "righteous song" has become the light of the sun and moon, magnificent last song, but "life since ancient times who did not die, keep the heart according to the history of the poem echoed again, the heart is still hot and surging.


Hundreds of years, thousands of years of great changes, Wen Tianxiang statue stands by the sea, watching the tide of this sea, every place here, witness the vicissitudes of history and a new chapter.




It carries a strong historical and cultural heritage

And the human charm of simple fisherman's style

In this crisp autumn season

I invite you to visit Guishan Island

Relive the eventful years together, pursue the red footprint


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