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Sweep it! "One code" takes you to unlock the charm of Guishan culture

2023-11-23 16:01:16

Recently, the Guishan Warship Memorial Park

And Wentianxiang cultural square appeared a number of

An instruction nameplate engraved with "QR code"

If you see it, pick up your phone and scan it


"The waves go away like clouds and come back, the north wind blows thunder."

With an elegant melody in the ear

Appreciation of poetry carved on cliffs

Wen Tianxiang Square the story of stele forest

Can be explained in detail from the phone


With a gentle sweep

Can be more convenient and detailed tour of Guishan Island

Deep experience of the rich historical background

Next, let GUI Xiaobai first

Bring you an immersive experience

The charm of traditional culture of Guishan Island!



01 Cliff stone carving corridor

Cliff carved stone corridor

It is mainly distributed in the Guishan Warship Memorial Park

The promenade was built in 2007 and is about 1 km long

There are more than 20 cliff stone carvings left

Including poems, articles and inscriptions

It is a stone carving corridor with both cultural connotation and ornamental value

The content of cliff stone carvings is mostly felt by calligraphers in the sea

The styles of calligraphy vary from quoting classics to expressing them freely

Some with small seal style engraved classic, very ancient rhyme

Some of them are firm and vigorous, and their strokes are frustrated

Show the vast ocean, the sound of the majestic landscape

Qr code page display

【 The sound of waves 】


【 Calligraphy 】

【 Watch the tide from the sea 】



"Cloud tour" Guishan

Identify the QR code below

Learn about Guishan cliff stone carvings




02 Wentianxiang Cultural Square


To commemorate the national hero Wen Tianxiang

In July 1987, high on the coastal road of Guishan Island

Built a statue of Wen Tianxiang

Become the landmark building of Guishan Island

In 2005, the forest of steles and cliff stone carvings were added

Expanded into Wen Tianxiang theme square

In 2007, re-built to reflect Wen Tianxiang

A large mural of life stories

In 2009, Wen Tianxiang Plaza was rated

Zhuhai patriotic education base

Qr code page display

【 Relief cultural column 】


In front of the open square

Fang solemnly stands four relief cultural columns

Is from the memory and remembrance of Wen Tianxiang

All kinds of historical materials condensed from

Tells the lofty national integrity of Wen Tianxiang

And righteous national hero image

【 Scene sculpture 】

The scene sculptures on both sides of the square are vivid

Bring to life

The scenario of "saving the country" and "commercial countermeasures"

【 Forest of Psalms 】

There are 20 pieces on the left and right sides of the statue

By the contemporary famous calligraphy master Chen Yongzheng and others

The inscription forest of Wen Tianxiang's poems


It shows the lofty national integrity of Wen Tianxiang

And great patriotism

"Cloud tour" Guishan

Identify the QR code below

Learn about Wentianxiang Cultural Square



Small two-dimensional code, behind the story

"One code" activates the traditional culture of Guishan

So you can learn about history in the beautiful scenery

Feel the cultural heritage in the art of calligraphy



Trace the island culture, tell the story of Guishan

You who came to Guishan Island

Don't forget to scan these QR codes when you come across them

Learn more about excellent island culture

Get an even more unique experience





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