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Extend your holiday with a cup of coffee

2024-02-19 00:00:00

Return to work after vacation

Do you need coffee too?

Even when the work is overwhelming

The moment I drank my coffee

Take your time, too

Why don't we dive into the Island Cafe together

Extend your holiday with a cup of coffee


Walk the island and drink coffee and watch the sea

Wait for a sunny day

Come to the quiet island of Guishan

Find a coffee shop near the sea

Watching the sea, sitting idle for a while

In the gentle sea breeze and the fragrance of coffee

Spend a lazy afternoon

Guishan illy Coffee

Address: No. 1 Dike, Guishan Island

Business hours: 10:00am-21:00pm

Tel: 13944179797

illy Coffee on the first embankment

It has a unique position to see the sea

Three floor-to-ceiling Windows, super spacious terrace

View the essence of Guishan sea view

Sit down to watch the sea and admire the sunset

Time slows down before you know it

You can smell the coffee as soon as you open the door

Century-old Italian coffee brand illy Coffee

Ensure the coffee beans mellow and high quality

Italian, cold brew, ice drops

Coffee star people can rest assured!

Guishan ·2127 Coffee

Address: No. 6 Yongkang Lane, Guishan Island

Tel: 13702326197

2127 Coffee & B&B halfway up the hill

Coffee is sold on the 1st floor and homestays on the 2nd floor

The interior is dominated by logs and camping

It's not a big shop, but everything is warm

As the first independent coffee shop on Kishan Island

The 2127's menu also reflects "personal characteristics"

Small Island Latte, Island Sunset,

The owner's wife made blueberry bagels and cake desserts

I got a lot of repeat customers

Guishan Star coffee

Address: No. 5, Coast Food Street, Guishan Island 

(next to Seafood Restaurant)

Business hours: 10:00am-21:00pm

Tel: 13360766864

A quiet coffee shop

Adjacent to embankment No. 2

Beautiful sea view right in front of you

The interior space is spacious and comfortable

You can spend half a day here

The menu is extensive and varied

In addition to coffee, there are milk tea, fruit tea, sparkling water and so on

The outdoor leisure area is full

The sea breeze, drinking coffee

And take some beautiful pictures

Coffee is a way of life

No matter where you go

I stopped at a coffee shop

My heart is at peace

Welcome to Guishan Island

Find a coffee drink by the sea

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