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Guishan Island from the perspective of aerial photography, mountain and sea are interdependent and humanistic harmony

2024-03-14 00:00:00

Guishan Island, a pearl by the Lingdingyang River

Located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macao, Zhuhai

Prime location between

The area of the scenic spot is about 6.92 square kilometers

Let's take off from the horizon

Overlooking this beautiful island together

The lighthouse at the top of the mountain illuminates the direction of the travelers

Walk the Guishan Warship Memorial Park

The waves hang on to the heroic souls of martyrs

The statue of Wen Tianxiang stands solemnly

Makes you think about these waters

Centuries of change

It's an idyllic spring

The island is full of flowers and life

Can be lazy fishing, or leisurely mountain climbing

A village near the mountains and the sea

Paint a picture of quiet and beautiful life

The roundabout road on the east coast

Open and open, winding towards the sea

Goshawks soar in the sky

Dolphins floated on top of the waves

Fish and animal husbandry scenery of cage culture

Showing the island's rich resources

Fishing boats returning to port

Pulling long waves out of the sea

Island dusk extreme, gorgeous, grand

Wait till the sun goes down

Starlight and fishing fire

Together they light up the night of GUI Shan

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