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Too late for work? Gysan Island Weekend "GAP DAY" Guide →

2024-03-14 00:00:00

In today's fast-paced life

"Stopping" seems like a luxury

Many people say

Saying, "Put it down." "Lay it down."

Act honestly but "passionately"

You need to press the workday pause button

To see the sea to blow the wind to empty

From sunrise to sunset

GAP DAY on weekends

Take a journey of self-healing

You, you ready

01. Travel around this peaceful island

Feel the healing power

This island seems to have been sentimentally attached to the beauty, the clear sky is blue, the sea breeze is soft, and the blue sea will heal everyone who comes.

Walking in this island, the flowers and trees on both sides of the street, always growing endless green, all the way lush, full of vitality.

The laid-back island atmosphere, accompanied by the sun, falls on both sides of the road.

Through the flourishing flowers and trees, passing the surging waves, blowing the sea breeze along the coast, watching seabirds and sea anglers and fish "battle of wits and courage".

The sound of the waves is the pure music of the healing department. When you are tired, you will stop and rest your feet, look at the sea in a quiet daze, and enjoy the tranquility and comfort of nature.

02. Go to the beach for a pleasant slow time

Wait for a gentle sunset

The No. 1 embankment, which extends to the sea, Outlines the romance and poetry of Guishan.

Standing in front of the lighthouse, the gentle sea breeze gently brushed his face, watching the sea beating against the stones, broken into pieces of spray, as if you were at the end of the world.

To tread the delicate beach, the undulating waves beside the ear, the clear sea water at the foot, people can enjoy thinking, enjoy the empty.

Point a cup of coffee, quietly watching the sunset gradually low, the sky is dyed into a gentle blue purple, which is the romance of dusk and the sea.

03. Blend into the simple fishing village life

Find the perfect bite

The quickest way to immerse yourself in Guishan Island is to wander around the fishing village and experience the fireworks and simple happiness of its residents.

The houses of the residents are scattered at the foot and side of the mountain, facing the sea at sunset, and then derived a large collection of homestays, different styles of homestays, each family is poetic dwelling.

More and more people find here to watch the sunrise and sunset, look at the mountains and listen to the sea, and the heart will slowly calm down.

Guishan is also very delicious, go out is the sea, all kinds of seafood and shellfish fresh and fierce, under the chef's careful cooking, every bite is the ultimate fresh.

There is also a lively evening market, so that the island's night is full of fireworks.

Eat a bowl of cold and sweet ice powder, point a few hot and spicy barbecue, as well as hot and hot Kwandong boil, fried chicken and French fries...... Just thinking about it makes you greedy.

The entrance of nature is often the exit of life

In the rush of life, occasionally can also stop

If you don't know where to go next

Why don't you come to Guishan Island and think about nothing

Looking at the blue sea and the passing ships

You may have new answers

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