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"Wandering" island, go to every road can lead to the sea GUI Shan ~

2024-03-21 11:00:07

On a list of 100 things that make people feel good

"Looking at the sea" must be one of them

There's always something magical about the sea

It's calming and relaxing

The sea of GUI Mountain gently embraces the island

When you walk on the road, you can always be healed by it


Every road to the sea

It's what the heart wants

Guishan Island is the most "out of the piece" of a road

It must be the way of the people

See the sea, the lighthouse, the B&B, the flowers

Every step is relaxed, relaxed and happy

Fresh comic hues of green trees and blue sea

Outline the tranquil and lazy island life ~

The long seawall stretches out to sea

At the end is a bright and fresh lighthouse

Walk on Embankment one

The sea breeze brings cool and comfortable

Especially the sunset in the late afternoon

Bewitching a random passerby

Want to see and hear the sea up close

Just take the boardwalk along the west coast

Waves lapping, fish leaping kites flying, speedboats galloping

It shows the life of this ocean

When you walk, pick up the steps

You'll find scenery everywhere, sea and sky


Life is like a wilderness, in the GUI mountain

Embrace the breeze and freedom

At GUI Shan, another road to the sea

More relaxed, more open

And feel it more

Islands are born free and loose

Arouse your longing for the madrigal life of the sea

This 4.5-kilometer-long roundabout road

It shows the original magnificence of Mount GUI

When you open your mind and body, connect with nature

The sea, the mountains, the birds, the clear sky

And healed you without knowing it

Near considerable ocean ranch

Overlooking Lantau Island in Hong Kong

Beishan Reservoir is full of green

The sea and sky are brilliant at sunrise

A gift from this island

-- -- --

Guishan Island of the sea

Gentle years, amazing time

Are you tempted?

Why don't you just buy a ticket and leave

Come on a relaxing and enjoyable trip to see the sea

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