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Fresh food at that time, come to Guishan a taste of "spring fresh" it!

2024-04-02 00:00:00

There is a kind of spring romance

It's all about spring

Eat it in your stomach

Guishan Island spring, essential blindly

It's just "fresh.

Spring is just right, come have a taste of "spring fresh"!

Umami is synonymous with this island

The unique geographical position of Guishan Island has endowed it with abundant Marine products.

Here is Zhuhai's largest Marine fish farm, is also a well-known cage farming base, the dock near the row of fishing, showing the island's fishing boom.

Every morning, fishermen by speedboat to transport the catch back to the dock, know how to grab "fresh" islanders or businesses, will choose the freshest and reasonable prices at this time.

Famous for "fishing", Guishan Island, whether it is sea fishing, sea cage aquaculture, or rich seafood markets, specialty dry goods street, make "umami" become a deep mark of the island.

Spring Guishan, what must eat seafood

In the spring of all things recovery, many seafood is the most beautiful time, especially all kinds of shellfish small seafood, which belongs to the spring must eat list of no problem!

01 Razor Clam

Spring the most fresh nature is a variety of shellfish, spring to Qingming Festival before and after, is the best time to eat razor clams. Full meat, high protein low fat razor clams, spring to eat both delicious and no burden ~

Razor clams in season, simple cooking is the best. Steamed garlic to eat its "fresh", stir-fry taste its meatiness. The sweet taste bursts in the mouth, and each recipe makes it difficult to stop eating.

02 Squid

Every spring and summer, is the season of squid, and let the island people eat not tired, is the delicious crispy small tube squid.

The boiled tube is crisp and crispy, and it is extremely delicious when dipped in soy sauce. The fresh tube will burst out with ink when you bite it open. The sauce tube is a strong flavor type, crisp mixed with a strong green pepper sauce, very good meal.

03 mud 鯭 fish

Mud 鯭 fish is a kind of omnivorous fish, also known as stink belly fish, because there is a special odor of algae eating fish in the abdomen, so named, it has the common characteristics of general algae eating fish, most of them live in the water depth of 1-50 meters.

Mud 鯭 fish bean curd soup, simply add pepper seasoning will be good enough to drink, delicious fish and tender tofu stew together a stove, after drinking a bowl also want to have another bowl. In addition to cooking soup, Cantonese peels 鯭 are also worth a try, adding tangerine peel and steaming together to take the flavor to a higher level ~

04 Mantis shrimp

When it comes to island food, it is always around the skin shrimp ~ Spring is the most fat season of skin shrimp, especially from April to May, during this period of skin shrimp meat is tender, high nutritional value, especially with the cream of the mother shrimp, excellent taste.

Fat with cream of mantis shrimp, in addition to white burning, salt and pepper and typhoon shelter method is more common on the island, but also more taste. Fried skin shrimp, crispy shell, sweet inside, is finger lickin level delicious!

So spring delicious

Missed it. Wait another year!

Come to Guishan Island

Eat spring in your stomach

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