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Qingming outing season | Guishan beautiful spring, waiting for you to keep an appointment

2024-04-02 00:00:00

Just three days off

Guishan Island in April

Is holding the beauty of this season for you

Whether it is a friend's "outing wish"

Or the long-delayed "Family Trip"?

It's time to make it happen

Fishing village on foot, measuring the spring with your feet

With good hope, and spring day face

"I have a house facing the sea with spring flowers." This is the poet Haizi yearning for a better life portrayal, but also the best interpretation of Guishan Island village.

Stepping into the peaceful village, the stone houses are scattered, the verdant trees dot the village, and the occasional crisp bird song sounds, forming a touching spring scene.

Along the road up, the house next to the bougainplum wanton flourish, from a distance, bright red pink white, swaying health. Wandering in this quiet village, breathing the wind from the sea, and occasionally the fragrance of flowers.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a flower and a tree are happy, not noisy, simple and leisurely, what better way to enjoy spring than this.

Encounter the sea in spring

Save a love, go to a mountain and sea

The blue sky, the blue sea and the pink and white flowers reflect the picturesque spring scenery and warmth of Guishan Island.

Walk on the beach, walk on the sand and surf, bathe in the sea breeze. In the spring, save a love, go to a mountain and sea appointment, enjoy everything the sea brings you.

There is nothing more pleasant than the gentle sea breeze, the fragrant coffee, waiting for a seaside sunset.

Another kind of fun to see the sea, all in the "slow" word, walking on the road around the island, open a different "spring slow" trip. Not crowded do not rush, leave time to scenery, all the way mountain light sea color string out of print spring.

Red land send thoughts

Remember the eventful years, read a hundred years of elegance

The "Wanshan Naval Battle Site" is the place where the "Guishan" martyrs once fought bloody battles, here records the heroic and indomitable history of the war of resistance of the martyrs.

Qingming Festival come here to offer a bunch of flowers for the martyrs, pay homage to the statue of the martyrs, listen to the heroic deeds, along with the sound of the waves, send a condolence.

Along the way, the sea viewing corridor, where cultural values and scenery coexist, and the choppy sea make people feel as if they are in the historical corridor.

The statue of the patriotic hero Wen Tianxiang stands by the sea, watching the ebb and flow of the sea, and every place here bears witness to the changes of history and a new chapter.

Qingming season, all things wake up

To see the sea, to chase the wind, to outing

Also cherish the memory of the martyrs, cherish the present

Qingming Holiday

Guishan Island lets you live up to this beautiful spring

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