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The sea breeze blows the sea surface, the island journey as promised

Guishan Village

Guishan Village was founded in the Qing Dynasty, and the Hakka people from Baoan, Shenzhen moved here in the early days, living on the island by farming. With the development of the island, the villagers of Guishan changed from farming to fishing production. In the early 1980s, the whole village moved from the top of the mountain to the present area.

In the process of migration, Guishan Village not only kept Hakka dialect and Hakka culture intact, but also combined with the Tanka culture of fishermen to form a unique Hakka culture of Guishan Village. The main folk activities in Guishan Village include Hakka folk songs and the Dragon Boat Festival.

The honors won by Guishan Village include: National rural governance Model Village, Guangdong Province culture and tourism characteristics village, Guangdong Province civilized village, Guangdong Province democracy and rule of law Model village, Guangdong Province health village, etc.