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Overview of the Scenic Area
Guishan Island (Zhuhai) is named after the heroic ship “Guishan”, which was launched in 1950. Is located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macao, Pearl River between the golden location, and the island, Ngau Tau Island to join the dike, forming a land area of nearly 6.92 square kilometers of the core island group.
The scenic area is approximately
Iconic attractions
Guishan Village was founded in the Qing Dynasty, and the Hakka people from Baoan, Shenzhen moved here in the early days, living on the island by farming. With the development of the island, the villagers of Guishan changed from farming to fishing production. In the early 1980s, the whole village moved from the top of the mountain to the present area.
The main folk activities in Guihai Village are the Guishan Tin Haobao birthday festival and fishing prayer, which was included in the municipal intangible cultural heritage list in 2015.
The ecological hydrophile rest belt on the west coast of Guishan Island starts from the First Bay Beach, passes the No. 1 embankment, the imitation wooden plank road, and the coastal path, all the way is the charming sea scenery, and extends to the Guishan Ship Memorial Park (Chuxin Square).
The "Beauty Garden" project in Guishan Town has created a beautiful courtyard with island characteristics in the style of a European town. Walking on Ping 'an Road of Guishan Island, you can encounter the beautiful demonstration style belt of "One courtyard, one scene, and flowers in four seasons" and the "GUI Xiao Bai clock point", island elements, fishing village style... Bring tourists a different romantic experience.
Dolphin Bay Beach is the second hydrophilic beach on Guishan Island. It is named for its proximity to the precious Chinese white Dolphin reserve. With gentle terrain and water quality, Dolphin Bay Beach is a good place for swimming and splashing.
With a total length of 4.5 kilometers, Ring Island Road starts from Beishan Reservoir and winds along the southeast coastline to the vicinity of Guishan Ship Memorial Park. It is the preferred route for hiking in Guishan and watching the sunrise.
Guishan Reservoir is the high point of the island. The huge dam holds a pool of clean water, and the whole island depends on it for its fresh water supply.
Covering an area of more than 5,000 square meters, the campsite integrates leisure projects such as cabins, tent camping, lawn carnival, buffet barbecue, mountain bar, and starry Sky cinema, and is committed to creating a pure and exquisite island camping leisure way.
The Gishan Naval Vessel Memorial Park was established to commemorate the martyrs of the Gishan Naval vessel who died in the battle of liberation of the Mansan Islands. The park is centered on the Gishan Monument and the landing site of the heroes, with a view of the sea pavilion, a viewing platform, and a poetry and painting gallery.
The beach is close to the Guishan Island ferry Terminal and is a hydrophilic beach on the island. The beach is wide and gentle, and the sand is soft and delicate. Walking on the beach, you can have a panoramic view of the sky and sea.
The No. 1 Embankment is located on the west coast sightseeing route of Gishan Island. The new lighthouse is paired with the seawall Road covered with fluorescent stones. At night, the ground becomes a fluorescent avenue, making you feel like you are in the Milky Way.
"Penghu" on Guishan Island is a comprehensive fishery platform that combines a semi-submersible wave energy generating platform with aquaculture cages. It is equipped with Marine tourism, research and other functions. You can visit Marine farming, wave energy generating platform and sea fishing here.
The Tian Hau Temple on Guishan Island is said to have a history of two or three hundred years. It is one of the largest and most complete temples in honor of Mazu in Wanshan Islands. Every year on the 23rd day of the 4th lunar month, the Tin Hau Birthday celebration is held on the island.
Wen Tianxiang Square has a 5.5-meter-high statue of Wen Tianxiang, which is one of the landmark buildings of Guishan Island. Looking at the square, the coastal row of yachts like a dynamic picture comes into view, is a good place for photography lovers.
The martyrs' Cemetery has martyrs' monument, martyrs' tomb and martyrs' memorial pavilion. In the memorial pavilion inlaid with the "Bloody War Garbage tail" tile, describes the liberation of the People's Liberation Army Wanshan Islands and the Guishan warship soldiers brave killing the enemy process.
Stone carvings, as well as a special type of stone carvings - rock paintings can also be classified as cliff carvings. The narrow definition of cliff stone carvings specifically refers to written stone carvings, which use natural stone wall carvings to record events. Cliff stone carvings are a type of ancient Chinese stone carvings
The lighthouse at dusk, set against the setting sun, is beautiful and romantic. At this time, many tourists come to check in, and you may see that there is no one in the picture I captured