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The sea breeze blows the sea surface, the island journey as promised

Island Lighthouse

Guishan Lighthouse Park is built on the theme of Guishan Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a white cylindrical reinforced concrete structure with no external lantern at the top of the tower and stainless steel bars around the inner lantern. The lighthouse is 57.2 meters high and has a range of 18 nautical miles. In 2006, Guishan Lighthouse was listed in the "Modern Lighthouse" special stamps issued by the State Post Bureau, and was honored as "National Business Card" as one of the representatives of China's modern lighthouses.

Guishan Lighthouse is an important pilotage facility for ships entering and leaving the Pearl River Estuary channel, and it is also one of the important landmark lighthouses in Zhuhai. Guishan Lighthouse, formerly known as the Guishan Island old lamp pile, was built in 1953 and rebuilt into a white square brick tower in 1961, with a light range of 6 nautical miles. Because the old lamp pile is not very bright, there has been an accident in the sea nearby. In 1997, the old lamp pile on Guishan Island was abandoned, and in November of the same year, the Guishan Lighthouse was rebuilt in an offsite location about 50 meters southeast of the old lamp pile.