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The sea breeze blows the sea surface, the island journey as promised

Wen Tianxiang Square
The planning and design of Wen Tianxiang Square takes Wen Tianxiang's life story as the main line: four cultural columns stand in front of the square, and there are scene sculptures on the left and right sides. In the middle of the square is a statue of Wen Tianxiang in the shape of a military general, which is 5.5 meters high. On the left and right sides of the statue stands a forest of 20 Wen Tianxiang poems written by contemporary famous calligraphers such as Chen Yongzheng.
Martyrs' cemetery
There are martyrs' memorial, martyrs' tomb and martyrs' memorial pavilion in the Martyrs' cemetery. In the memorial pavilion is inlaid with "blood war garbage tail" tile, describing the liberation of the People's Liberation Army Wanshan Islands and the process of the Guishan warship soldiers bravely killing the enemy.
Guishan Ship Memorial Park
In order to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of the "Guishan" martyrs in the battle of liberation of Wanshan Islands as the theme, set patriotic red education, leisure viewing as one, the sea pavilion, viewing platform, poetry and painting corridor and other landscapes, by the mountain and the sea, rocky, overlooking the sea and the sky, a unified body, overlooking the waves, magnificent.