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【2023.10.25 Guishan News 】

2023-10-25 00:00:00

In order to deepen and consolidate the creation of cultural achievements, shape a clean island image, and promote the construction of a national civilized town, on the morning of October 25, Guishan Island Scenic Area held an on-site meeting to promote the creation of a national civilized town. Town Party secretary Wang Xianrui, deputy secretary of the town Party committee, mayor Guo Qiuhai deep back streets and alleys, farmers' markets, main and secondary roads and other points, view the city environment, order management and other conditions, the prominent problems found in the supervision and inspection, the relevant departments and responsible units are required to implement rectification one by one, take effective measures to speed up the shortcomings and weaknesses, and comprehensively improve the capacity of civilized town construction.

Wang Xianrui stressed that first, we should strengthen system thinking, deepen multi-department cooperation, enhance work force, improve long-term mechanism, and play a combination of work; Second, we must consolidate the responsibilities of all parties, refine the rectification work item by item, implement the responsibility to the people, do a good job in mass work, and go all out to promote the national civilized town; Third, we must recognize the situation of creation, strictly compare the creation standards, adhere to the high-standard positioning, focus on the key difficulties and weak links of the creation work, adhere to the problem-oriented, find gaps, make up for weaknesses, plug loopholes, and strengthen the level of urban fine management. It is necessary to comprehensively improve the environment and urban quality of the whole island, and constantly improve the happiness and satisfaction of the people.

Guo Qiuhai pointed out that the first is to adhere to key problems, solve outstanding problems, to strictly grasp the market surrounding environmental remediation problems, by redelineating the drying area, carry out multi-department joint law enforcement actions, re-planning the market open space parking space Settings for special rectification. It is necessary to carry out the Guihai Building renovation action, through the issuance of announcements, door-to-door publicity, joint law enforcement, increasing parking Spaces and other ways, focus on solving the problems of Guihai Building disorderly piles of debris, vehicles and other problems, and integrate Guihai Building into the scope of urban assets management and maintenance for unified cleaning and creating a good environment. The second is to adhere to multiple efforts to consolidate the effect of creative culture, give full play to the role of village cadres, grid members and other grass-roots cadres, publicize creative culture work to the surrounding residents, stimulate the sense of ownership of the public, and form a strong joint force for the creation of the whole people. The third is to adhere to inspection and rectification, implement normal rectification, do a good job of law enforcement of illegal acts within the scope of two villages, do a good job of environmental remediation of construction projects in Guishan Village, and promote the quality and efficiency of the creation of civilized towns.

In the next step, Guishan Island Scenic Area will continue to deepen the work of improving the appearance of the area, multi-party inspection, timely discovery, timely rectification, strengthening the long-term management of creativity and culture, and maintaining a clean island environment.

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