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【2023.08.24 Tourist Toilet Inspection Brief 】

2023-08-24 00:00:00

We will deeply implement the people-centered development philosophy, vigorously develop all-region tourism, and provide a good tourism environment for tourists. On the afternoon of August 24, the Municipal Tourism Association carried out inspections of tourist toilets along the Guishan Island scenic spots and scenic roads. Tan Haibao, Director of the Economic Development Office, Jiang Maofen, director of the Social Affairs Service Center, and relevant colleagues of the economic Development Office accompanied the inspection.

The inspection of the landing point of the Guishan ship, lighthouse Park and fifteen bay three tourist toilets, the inspection team mainly around the tourist toilet facilities and equipment, management system on the wall, sign marking standards, environmental hygiene and cleaning content. Inspection found that most of the tourist toilets can be used normally, but there are also some problems, such as: some of the tourist toilets have toilet grid indicator light is not responsive, facilities and equipment are damaged, damaged maintenance is not timely and other problems.

The inspection team will find the problems one by one for feedback, and asked the Guishan Island scenic area to continue to improve and optimize the supporting functions and service facilities of tourism toilets, and constantly improve the level of tourism management and service, and strive to complete the improvement and upgrading of the first-class and second-class tourism toilets in the A-level scenic spots by 2025 according to the assessment standards required by the Municipal Tourism Association.

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