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【2023.09.21 Safety Inspection Work Brief 】

2023-09-21 00:00:00

On September 21, in order to implement the work requirements of the Work plan for safety production Inspection before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday of the Social Undertakings Bureau of the Preparatory Group of Hezhou New Area and create a safe and stable island tourism environment, Director Qin Haibao of the Economic Development Office accompanied the tourism group of the Social Undertakings Bureau of the District to carry out pre-holiday safety production inspection in the coastal areas and cultural and sports venues of the Guishan Island Scenic area. Verify the safety management of beach and water sports projects item by item, require the beach management company to take the main responsibility for safety production, make emergency plans, strengthen the dynamic supervision of the flow of people in the places where people gather, focus on the investigation of crowding and stampede, collapse of temporary construction facilities, building fires and other safety hazards, and supervise the Wantravel Company to strengthen the safe operation and management of sightseeing vehicles. Remind sightseeing car tourists to travel safely and civilized.

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