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【2023.09.26 Traffic Management Brief 】

2023-09-26 00:00:00

On the morning of September 26, the Guishan town government and Guishan Police Station jointly carried out the traffic safety management work conference and traffic safety publicity activities, and the director of Guishan Police Station He Guihua and the deputy mayor of the town government Yu Qianwen attended the meeting.

The meeting convened all kinds of traffic owners of Guishan Island scenic area to participate. First of all, the director He Guihua introduced to the participants the current traffic vehicles on Guishan Island and the potential traffic hazards on the road, such as disorderly parking, illegal overloading, tricycle carrying people, not wearing helmets, drunk driving, etc., emphasizing that the owners and drivers must strictly abide by the traffic rules, civilized driving, strict prevention of accidents, and will strictly investigate and punish illegal driving behaviors.

Yu Qianwen, deputy mayor pointed out that the number of vehicles on Guishan Island is large, the town government will work with the police station to re-register all vehicles on the island, focus on verifying the qualification certificate, insurance, annual inspection, and strictly control the approval of vehicles on the island. The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday is coming, and road vehicle management will be further strengthened, illegal passenger operation is strictly prohibited, and road traffic safety and order in scenic spots will be maintained to create a good tourism environment.

After the meeting, the owners and the majority of islanders were organized to watch the civilized traffic publicity video, the police and traffic volunteers asked questions about all kinds of traffic safety knowledge, and explained the importance of riding electric vehicles, motorcycles and wearing safety helmets and driving cars to fasten seat belts, speeding, the harm of drunk driving, popularize traffic safety knowledge, and distribute traffic safety publicity materials.

By carrying out this traffic safety conference and activities, the traffic safety awareness of the majority of owners and islanders has been further improved, and the majority of islanders have been guided to jointly create a civilized, smooth, safe and orderly road traffic environment.

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