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【2023.12.30 Guishan News 】

2023-12-30 00:00:00

In order to do a good job of safety precautions during the New Year's Day holiday, create a safe and stable island atmosphere, and ensure that the security situation of the scenic spot continues to be stable, on December 30, Liu Fanglin, the deputy mayor of the town, led the staff on duty to carry out a series of safety inspections in areas such as a bay beach, coastal fishing spots, Dolphin Bay Beach and forest fire prevention duty points.

The first is to carry out inspections on the beach of one Bay, remind tourists to comply with the relevant regulations of civilized tourism, do a good job of self-protection, take good care of children, remind the staff of Wan Brigade to pay attention to the safety of water sports at all times, and ensure that tourists can wear life jackets before entering the water to play.

The second is to patrol fishing spots along the coast, remind the shore anglers to wear life jackets, fishing together, and contact the fisheries administration to carry out maritime safety patrol work to prevent accidents.

The third is to go to Dolphin Bay Beach, check the beach safety management and visitor control, require the beach person in charge to do a good job of sea safety monitoring, always pay attention to the beach tourists to play, ready to rescue, and notify Hongzhou Group to set up a fence to seal the entrance of the yacht berth, prohibiting tourists from entering.

The fourth is to go to the forest fire patrol point to check the registration of personnel entering the mountain, emphasize the level of forest fire prevention, require the personnel on duty to perform their duties, do a good job of forest fire prevention publicity, personnel entering the mountain information registration, strictly prohibit carrying fire into the mountain, and effectively do a good job of forest fire prevention.

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