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2024-01-10 00:00:00
Source:【2024.01.10 Guishan News 】

On the morning of January 10, 2024, Mr. Yan Weimin, Director of Zhuhai Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, led the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the District Bureau of Social Services to our town to investigate the work of "high-quality development of thousands of towns and villages in hundreds of counties", accompanied by the town Party Secretary Wang Xianrui and the town mayor Guo Qiuhai.

The research group went to the Lingdingyang Cultural Center site of Guishan Island Scenic area, Guihai Village Square, Guishan Village Camping Base, Guishan Village intangible Cultural Heritage Cultural Experience Center site and Guishan Village Red Cultural Tourism block site site to carry out field research, and then went to the Cultural center to visit the Political Life Hall of Party Members in Guishan Town and the intangible cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall. And held Zhuhai Culture, Culture and Tourism Bureau vertical help Guishan village, Guihai village thematic work meeting.

Through field investigation and on-site report, the research team gave full affirmation to the "hundred million work" in Guishan Town. At the meeting, Comrade Yan Weimin conducted the corresponding deployment of the Guishan 4A scenic spot application review, the Guishan Village Camping Base project, the Lingdingyang Culture Exhibition Chen Pavilion Project of Guishan Town and the Hongzhou Group Dolphin Bay Cultural Tourism Center Yacht terminal project, and said that the Municipal Cultural Tourism Bureau will strengthen communication with the Guishan Island tourist spot and increase support for Guishan Village and Guihai Village. Help the above projects to be implemented as soon as possible, and fully assist Guishan Town to build a characteristic benchmark of the province's "tens of millions of projects" and a benchmark for high-quality development of the island.

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