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【2024.02.04 Guishan News 】

2024-02-04 00:00:00

The 2024 Spring Festival holiday is approaching, in order to further improve the overall level of safety production and fire safety in the cultural tourism industry of Guishan Island tourist attraction, do a good job of safety production and fire safety hidden dangers investigation before and after the Spring Festival, and effectively prevent the fire and production safety accidents of cultural tourism, on February 4, Fu Min, captain of the six comprehensive law enforcement teams of Zhuhai Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Luo Jianhua, the fourth-level organizer, went to my scenic spot to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth inspection of production safety and fire safety in cultural and entertainment venues, cultural relics protection units and hotels that have been registered, and the relevant responsible comrades of the Economic Development Office, social affairs service center and Party and government Comprehensive Office accompanied the whole process.

The inspection team first came to the Yiwan Beach and conducted a careful inspection of the beach's life-saving facilities, emergency plans and safety warning signs for tourists to ensure that they could respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. Then went to the Guishan Warship Memorial Park, focused on checking the fire facilities in the park and the maintenance of Wanshan naval battle relics.

In the Guaiyu Xiangshan B&B and the Blue Coast B&B, the inspection team conducted a strict inspection of the gas equipment and fire fighting equipment of the B&B to ensure the safe operation of the B&B, and had an in-depth understanding of the fire safety management system of the B&B, staff training and the development and implementation of emergency plans. For cultural and entertainment venues such as KTV, the inspection team focused on the installation of fire facilities and the setting of safety exits, while stressing the importance of fire safety for the person in charge, and requiring the person in charge to regularly inspect the fire equipment.

In the Guishan Cultural Center, the inspection team conducted a careful inspection of the library, cinema and other activity places to ensure that the fire equipment in the above places is complete, the safety exit is unblocked, and the fire safety measures are implemented.

At Dolphin Bay Beach, the inspection team conducted a comprehensive inspection of the area, focusing on the beach's life-saving facilities, visitor safety warning signs, the development and implementation of emergency plans, as well as the beach's environmental remediation and maintenance. At the same time, the inspection team asked the lifeguards in detail about their duty during the holidays, as well as their experience and plans to deal with emergencies. The important role of lifeguards in ensuring the safety of tourists was emphasized, and lifeguards were asked to stay on high alert during the Spring Festival to ensure that they can respond to various emergencies in a timely and effective manner.

The inspection was generally good. It has enhanced the safety awareness of tourism practitioners, further improved the overall level of cultural and tourism safety production and fire safety of Guishan Island tourist attraction, and provided a reliable security guarantee for the safe and stable Spring Festival holiday of the scenic spot.

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