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【2024.02.05 Guishan News 】

2024-02-05 00:00:00

In order to do a good job during the Spring Festival tour line security work, on the morning of February 5, Guo Qiuhai, the deputy secretary of the town Party Committee and the mayor of the town, led a team to organize the Guishan police station, the town economic development Office, the town urban management Office and other relevant responsible comrades to carry out pre-holiday traffic inspection, mainly to check the closure of the maintenance and construction section of the south road of Binhai Avenue on the Ring Island Road.

Due to the road maintenance and construction of the South seven bay section of the coastal Avenue, the East Coast island tour route of Shengyun Wan Brigade has been adjusted accordingly. First, the urban management Office should urge the construction unit to implement the construction envelope, do a good job of safety warnings, and clarify the project period; The second is that the Wan Brigade should do a good job of publicity and notification, take the initiative and standardize the adjustment of the docking, charging and price of the East coast island tour route, and maintain a good traffic and passenger transport order and tourism atmosphere.

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