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【2024.02.15 Guishan Traffic Regulation Brief 】

2024-02-15 00:00:00

In order to strengthen the vehicle traffic safety management of Guishan Island tourist attraction during the Spring Festival and regulate vehicle parking, on the eve of the Spring Festival, the police organized police to strengthen the vehicle traffic regulation and inspection work on the island, mainly in the passenger terminal and key road sections, such as uncivilized driving, disorderly parking, illegal passenger carrying and other behaviors were inspected and regulated.

The rectification work is mainly combined with motor patrol, night card installation and distribution of traffic safety publicity. The police station arranged police officers to patrol the key sections of the passenger terminal, Guishan Avenue, First Ring Road, Bay Road, etc., and immediately gave advice and investigation to illegal driving, disorderly parking, illegal passenger carrying and other behaviors; Distribute traffic safety leaflets to drivers, shops and the public to publicize traffic safety common sense. And set up a card at night to strengthen the inspection of drunk driving, uncivilized driving and other behaviors, put an end to drunk driving behaviors, and ensure road traffic safety on the island. The rectification action temporarily seized 4 motorcycles, in addition to education, advice disorderly parking, uncivilized driving 6 people, distributed more than 100 copies of traffic safety leaflets.

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