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【2024.02.29 Guishan Aiwei Newsletter 】

2024-02-29 11:16:34

Love health in action: Guishan Island tourist scenic spot to carry out patriotic health campaign unified action Day activities

In the activity, everyone busy figure in residential areas, built-up areas, streets, seafood markets, parks and other corners of the net cleaning, for green belts, sidewalks, backstreets, sanitary dead corners and other key areas of colored garbage, wall weeds, dead leaves, found a place to eliminate a place, even the ground cracks in the cigarette butt did not escape their eyes; At the same time, it actively propagandises and popularizes health knowledge such as garbage classification, "eliminating four evils", and patriotic health campaign contents to the street shops and residents, and mobilizes residents to purify and beautify families and public Spaces by themselves.

Comrade Wang Xianrui stressed that to carry out the patriotic health campaign is to integrate the concept of health into daily life: first, to build a healthy and civilized environment and improve the comfort level of the island's living environment; Second, we should promote a healthy lifestyle and do a good job in winter and spring epidemic prevention and control, influenza and other epidemics; The third is to improve the level of health literacy and promote the effective implementation of the "three guarantees in front of the door" responsibility system!

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