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【2024.04.28 Guishan Traffic Newsletter 】

2024-04-28 00:00:00

In order to meet the "May Day" holiday tourism peak, maintain good traffic order on the island, and strongly do a good job in traffic safety management, on the afternoon of April 28, the town government's comprehensive Administrative law enforcement Office and the Economic Development Office jointly carried out traffic law enforcement inspections with the Guishan Police Station.

In the form of mobile inspection and strict inspection of key sections, traffic law enforcement inspection and rectification work are carried out in key places and sections such as passenger terminals, Guishan Avenue, Yanguan Road, Guihai Three Roads, and the surrounding areas of the market, to persuade, warn, and investigate illegal parking of random vehicles, stacking of debris in parking Spaces, and illegal passenger carrying by sightseeing vehicles. In this action, no illegal passenger carrying was found, and 4 motorcycles were temporarily parked indiscriminately, 5 vehicles were temporarily parked indiscriminately at the site, and 3 debris occupied parking Spaces.

In the next step, Guishan Island will continue to carry out joint traffic law enforcement inspection actions, increase the inspection and rectification efforts of sundry space occupying, disorderly parking of vehicles, illegal passenger carrying of sightseeing vehicles, promote the publicity and optimization of traffic order, and create a safe and civilized road traffic environment for island residents and tourists.

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