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【2024.04.29 Guishan Traffic Newsletter 】

2024-04-29 00:00:00

In order to further strengthen the traffic management of Guishan Island and help the construction of typical towns and villages of "tens of millions of high-quality development projects", on April 29, the Guishan Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office organized various human sightseeing bus operators to hold a meeting on the management of human sightseeing buses before the "May Day" holiday.

At the meeting, LAN Haipu, director of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Office, read out the management policy of the human sightseeing bus, and preached the corresponding legal provisions of the management policy one by one. At present, the number of sightseeing vehicles on the island is large, and the corresponding problems are increasing. Director Lanhai Park stressed that: First, the operation of sightseeing vehicles must obtain relevant approval permits and register in accordance with relevant regulations; Second, the business operators of sightseeing vehicles must be placed within their demarcated scope, beyond the placement or on the road will be fined in accordance with the provisions; Third, business operators should establish the concept of "safety first", be sure to remind tenants to pay attention to safety, insurance should be on.

In the next step, Guishan Island will increase the efforts to rectify the chaos of sightseeing vehicles and create a safe, reliable, clean and orderly island environment.

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