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【2024.04.26 Guishan Tourism Newsletter 】

2024-04-26 00:00:00

With the arrival of the tourist season, island tourists are gradually increasing, in order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the B&B industry, on the morning of April 26, the case trial section of the Municipal Culture, sports and Tourism Bureau went to Guishan Island to organize the "Cultural law enforcement by your side - deep into the island into the industry" law promotion activities, deputy mayor Yu Qianwen, the Economic Development Office and 10 B&B business representatives participated.

The law popularization experts publicized and interpreted the Tourism Regulations of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone, the Measures for the Management of Civilian Dormitory Administrators of Zhuhai City, and the Interim Measures for the management of Civilian Dormitory Administrators of Guangdong Province, focusing on the laws and regulations related to the integrity of publicity and management, copyright protection and other homestay-related laws and regulations. Then, it also shared relevant cases to strengthen understanding, and gave examples of legal ways to solve accidents during the accommodation of tourists, how to operate with integrity, avoid "civil litigation" in "B&B", possible copyright infringement problems in B&B, and how to prevent and resolve ideological risks. Finally, the law experts answered the questions of laws and regulations encountered by the B&B representatives in their daily operation and management, and put forward guidance for the future development of Guishan B&B.

In the next step, Guishan Island will combine the local characteristics of the B&B culture with the publicity of the rule of law, integrate the rule of law elements and the rule of law concept in the development of the B&B industry, escort the law-abiding and honest operation of the island B&B, create a good business environment, and innovate the new position of the law popularization of the island.

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