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【2024.05.08 Guishan Tourism Newsletter 】

2024-05-08 00:00:00

At present, Guishan Island Scenic spot has entered the important node stage of creating 4A scenic spot expert review, and will soon usher in expert on-site review. On the morning of May 8, the inspection work meeting of Guishan Island to create a 4A-level tourist attraction was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the town government. Town Party secretary Wang Xianrui, deputy mayor Yu Qianwen, town comprehensive governance office, economic development office, city management office, comprehensive administrative law enforcement Office, social affairs service center, a bay beach, and other relevant units responsible for the brigade to participate.

Yu Qianwen, deputy mayor of Guishan Island inspection precautions, the construction of scenic hardware and software facilities made an introduction and explanation, including environmental health, public order, fire safety management, vehicle management, tourist service center, dry seafood street, dock passenger station and other important links and key areas of the assessment requirements. The participating units and departments discussed and made speeches on the division of work and the difficulties still existing at this stage, and put forward targeted solutions for the inspection of important points and key places.

Comrade Wang Xianrui stressed that after nearly two years of full preparation, the creation of 4A scenic spots has entered the key acceptance stage, the respective leaders and functional departments should fully understand the importance and necessity of the current inspection work, first, clear responsibilities, each office carefully control the standards and inspection list, refine the division of labor, draw a case by case to do a good job of site management, and comprehensively maintain the island's appearance; Second, keep an eye on key nodes and important places, the terminal passenger station and the Guishan Warship Memorial Park take volunteer duty to carry out civilized tourism service publicity work, and the relevant departments arrange personnel to stay on duty on the island this weekend to do a good job of inspection; The third is to work together, all responsible leaders and departments should strengthen exchanges and work together to strive for the successful completion of this review and inspection work, promote the tourism brand of Guishan Island Scenic spot to a higher level, and contribute to the town to build a new model of tens of millions of project islands.

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